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Photo City

The t4planet photo city are collect the photo of the activities on the day and the travel. Many photo will be coming.
t4 planet members.
t4 first semester
t4 first semester.
Sunway Lagoon
             Sunway lagoon september,1997.
Sunway Lagoon
Sunway lagoon september,1997.
Genting Highland
Genting Highland february, 1998.
Genting Highland
What the handsome guy do it?
Genting Highland
This two boy in the genting highland
only sleep in the living room.
Genting Highland
Genting Highlang, 1998.
TAR college
Class photo.
Pulau Redang????
The future maybe this photo in pulau redang? pulau tioman?
pulau penang? pulau pangkok? pulau ketam or port dickson?
Pulau Redang????
 This photo get  in pulau redang?
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