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Photo City (3)

The t4planet photo city now is update the new class photo.
t4planet informal photo.
The formal t4 planet photo.
T4 planet handsome boys and petty girls.
CCA2 course photo.
CCA2 course photo 1998.
1998 CCA2 course photo.
A group t4planet members go to KLCC.
KLCC photo.
4 handsome guy from t4planet go to Port Dickson.
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Any member need the large photo width 46cm * height 34cm, you can send mail to the editor, the photo you need only limit in class photo and course photo.
Other class photo the editor also collect it t1 to t8, who want also can send e-mail to the editor.

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TARC : Tunku Abdul Rahman College
CCA : Certificate In Computing With Accounting
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